Social media for futsal teams by London Futsal League

Yes, we can and we need social media. It is a good option to get sponsors and fans. Social media are not only for show your triumphs, these are a good meeting point for to get new players, to help your community, to get sponsor and of course to promote futsal.

You need show your wins, your defeats, your players, your skills, your troubles, your best supporters… If we are everyday updating our Facebook, why not the site of our team? Futsal is our passion.socialmedia

Here you have some tips for use of your fanpage in facebook, accounts in Twitter or Instagram:


  • Take some pictures in your trainings and share when finished the session. You can put some comment about if this was intensive, hard, soft, if the team were concentrated…
  • Before of the match, you take picture of your squad and you should label to all your players, you get likes of them and this will show your picture in your profile and players profile. It is a good thing for have more impact.
  • Recording short videos about match, trainings, trips, about individual skills of some player, comments or little interviews with no more than three questions. If you want to edit you video you can use in your phone the app Videoshop (free), it is easy and really useful. If you want make your video with more quality you can use in your laptop Adobe Premier, Final Cut, Sony Vegas or Windows Movie Maker depend of your knowledge.
  • Share things from other fanpage. Articles from newspapers about futsal, futsal videos from Youtube, contents from specialized sites like FIFA Futsal World Cup, Futsal Focus, The Futsal Shop, London Futsal League


  • Follow to similar teams than you, futsal organizations, coaches, international players, possible sponsors… Example: @FAFutsalRefs, @FAFutsalLeague, @Sturge_p, @LondonFutsalLe
  • Use correct tags. This is essentials to get more followers and you can introduce in the futsal community. Ex: #WeLoveFutsal, #Futsal, #EnglandFutsal, #FutsalSeason, #FAFutsal…
  • Here, you have only 140 characters, but if you for example use a picture you can label ten followers in your image without need to all this characters. and you get more impacts in your post.


  • In this social network you can share photographs with a comment, special effects and filters. It is good to show individually your players with a good message. But you can not add a link.
  • The same that Twitter, you can use tags in the same format. But here you can use all the characters that you want if you want to create a big paragraph or big text.
  • Create videos, but this can not be more than 60 seconds.

All of this tips are good if you have a sponsor or you want to get of this, because you are showing the brand of him in pictures, videos, profiles, posters… Also, you will be contributing to futsal promotion if you share this with your friends and community.

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