In this new season we think we are ready to go forward for next step. Our place, new teams! We hope will be more staid and competitive. See you at Leyton Score Center.


|Twenty teams|

In order to close the calendar we extended the number of teams in this division to 20, this division will be split in two groups with ten teams in each one.

|Regular League + Playoffs|

The tournament will be a regular league in both groups where the first four will go to the final day to fight for the Playoffs. These will be played in qualifying matches (quarters, semi-finals and finals).
– Regulatory Pitch.
– Referees qualified in the match.
– Website of the team on our website.


The prize for the winner will be of £600


Far to be expensive and even to be cheap our prices are fixed in order to make a competitive and funny league.
In the beginning every team must to pay 150 pounds (50£ will be the inscription and 100£ as a deposit).
To pay the referee and the court before the matches start each team will pay 35£ (between 10 players it means 3,5£ each).

Like you can see in table belong:

50£ + 100£
Inscription + Deposit.
* When regular league finish, If the teams respect the rules and compliance with the Schedule, the deposit will be returned to them.
** If a team does not appear to a match or does not have a minimum of 4 players, this team will lose 50£ of the deposit.
35£Each team every match during the regular season.
50£Matches in Quarters and Semifinals. For the finals day, only best position four teams of each group.
*** The matches in playoffs are eliminatory. The final is free.

**** The organizer guaranteed a minimum 18 matches and a maximum of 21, If the league get 20 teams.

Essential requeriments for this edition:


We will help you to find a cheap option if you don’t have it yet. A simple t-shirt with numbers will be accepted. It is a very easy thing and it will improve a lot the level of enjoyment in our league.

Affiliation for new teams

Once you are ready to affiliate and have set your new club up for the season ahead please email (Important, MUST BE IN CAPITALS) with your club details;
(Name of club, name of the league you are entering and the contact details for the club Secretary/Treasurer/Chairperson including their date of birth and adress).
Please include New Club 17/18 in the subject title of the e-mail to confirm that the Whole Game System is ready for you to use.


All players must to use shinpads, not excuses.

Players inscription

The initial list of players per team can not modified until the last match of first round. If some team don’t accomplish, the organization will punish to the team with ten pounds of his deposit and one point in his clasification.


In London Futsal League recommended use a regular players and people that have compromise with the team. If you know that one player is not responsible and unorganized, maybe you should not have him in your team.

Our teams

Check the teams that already confirmed their participation in our league here.

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Help to federate your team in FA, Trophies, Referees, Results updated same day, bibs and top quality balls so all you need to do is turn up. For the rules and regulations of the leagues please click here.