London Futsal League in progress. Stay tuned. [Letter]

Dear teams, players, fans and friends,

London Futsal League continue on the path of progress. The project isn’t stopped. The first edition was really strong and really quick. Now, with the aim of to consolidate the futsal in London and carry our feelings to the rest of the club, we are designing a ambitious project.

London Futsal LeagueEveryday we are more people interested in play futsal. It is a market to explore in our country, we are starting to have young players with a big potential and maybe, in a few years, we can have a our national futsal team in the next World Cup, our futsal “Pross”.

Now, the objective is have a calendar more extense, where players can have more regularity, we want be a good support to National League, improve the level of London clubs, stimulate the players, give it incentives and give the opportunity for new clubs that are starting. London Futsal League want to help the teams to improve in all his aspects. Every summer is a difficult moment to all clubs because players leave the squad, the sponsor decides not to continue with the project or the sport center is more expensive that the last season.

At the moment, London Futsal League we don’t have a meeting this week with the teams that they are pre registered. How all teams know, we send a email to his managers and share in our website all informations about our league. So, if you listen something about our league you only need visit the website and fanpage. The good work is our identity.

This week we are closing details with our sponsor, we are one of a kind league with economic prize. Be patient, good stuff is coming. Soon, we will send all details, while you can pre register your team if you are new. As you can check in our website we help to teams with advice, news, pictures to get sponsor or players for his teams. The best example of this it is the clubs like Chiswick Futsal or Profutsal London, and the players that other teams discovered in our first edition and this year they are playing in national league.

The only reason of London Futsal League is because #WeLoveFutsal.



All staff of London Futsal League, everyday we are more.

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