Informative note. London Futsal League

With aim to offer the best competition, we have decided to wait until October the start of the league. The reason, it is that majority of the teams are not ready organizationally or they are still recruiting players.

LOGO2BLondon Futsal League, we have everything ready, but unfortunately, if the teams are not ready, we cannot start our league. We apologize to the pre-registered teams. We hope to keep the confident of them.

We all want the best for the futsal and from London Futsal League, we are available to help to the teams recruit players, they get sponsors or collaborations, training plans or another things. We believe in futsal, we are not only a league, and we are sure that England is the best place to improve in this discipline.

Together, futsal will grow to other level; separately we will have always the same problems. This is a team sport.

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