Domestic economy or warfare economy for futsal teams in England

If you’re reading this, it’s because you have a futsal team, you play futsal, you’re a futsal coach or maybe you are a possible sponsor. So please, pay attention.

There are two kinds of futsal teams: Only club or academy club.

Club: They have only first team and development. Both team are adults (Over 16). This kind of futsal team is more difficult to sponsor and his economy it is strictly tied to his results.

28052016-_DSC9022Academy club: They have first team, development and youth categories. This kind of futsal team have more economic options, if have a good organization and it will depend on the number of players you have in your academy.


  • Basic: Fee between your players adapted to necessities. You should explain this the first days of the season. If you explain this before to start the season probably will be better, and you or your club wont feel disappointed when finish the day.
  • Intermediate: Around where you train, you have different business, companies or shops. They can be good collaborators or sponsors. I am sure that you and your team have a place or meeting point sometimes, maybe pub, restaurant, coffee.28052016-_DSC9026 You involve this business in your sport project. They can give you little money, sport material and drink or food for your matches and trips, if you share your way with them. Share his business in your social media, if the team get a trophy and you give to them, and in the general you use his services…
  • High: Look for medium or big companies. The first contact, you send an email. Please, if in the first moment you mention sponsorship or you ask about money, probably you never get a sponsor. Make a introduction to your club, your objectives, the positive that can be to associate his brand with your club. The aim of this it is get a meeting. Via email you don’t get anything. jornada1-04700           Once you’ve already got a meeting, you must prepare this. Please, take time for this, I am sure that you are a normal worker and not a businessman, but it is necessary prepare the meeting. Check the bills of your club around one year: prices trainings, matches, balls, kits, first aid kit and other things. Please, be honest all time. Prepare a PDF, PowerPoint or Prezi with all information, your structure, your results, news in media…. Special emphasis on the values representing the sport, your Likes in your Fanpage, your followers on Twitter and most important, all business must pay his tax every year, but If they give his taxes to practice sport, the company will be exempt to pay taxes to Government (It is the reason because a lot of companies sponsor football matches, races or sport events. Save money and get publicizing). Your club must do an invoice to them and you must justify all the expenses. Please, keep with you all invoices around five years in a folder.

In this link from Government you can get more information:

Recommendations: The first team must have minimum twelve players permanents and the development between twelve and sixteen players. You should establish a fee not too much high. Players from development must have options to play with the first team, otherwise they will lose the motivation and they will leave the team. If you have a good sponsor, probably you don’t need a fee from your players.


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