Chiswick Futsal and London Bulls lead the LFL finals.

We have the finalist teams ! !

After four intense months, the first phase of this LFL edition has left us with the eight best teams taking part in the competition.
However, the League has anything but finished. The best has been saved for the end.

During this months, 16 teams from various backgrounds have been bringing their best futsal and all their passion to the court every single weekend.

  • More than 100 games have been played
  • Around 300 players have participated at least in one match.
  • Over 1000 goals
  • in 14 weekends.

The games have been enjoyable and the competition strong.
Although all teams have been showing their best versiones every match day, unfortunately not all of them have been able to qualify for the finals. That very well deserved privilege is reserved for the four best teams of each group.

The qualified teams for the LFL quarter finals are:

  • Group I:
    1. London Bulls FC
    2. Newham Sports.
    3. Haringey Futsal
    4. St. John’s Deaf FC
  • Group II:
    1. Chiswick Futsal
    2. London International FC
    3. River Lea Futsal Club
    4. Queen Mary FC
    The Final phase – quarter finals, semifinals and the great final – will take place the first half of June. In quarter finals the first team of each group will be facing the fourth team of the opposite group, and the second will will the oponent of the third ranked in the other group.

Many things have happened during this first phase. The teams have had to manage agendas to take part in major competitions at both national and international level.
Chiswick Futsal participated in the FA Cup, London International Futsal Club (LIFC) will be playing National League next season, and St. John’s players are preparing to play with the national deaf team.
We will be analyzing this teams and our finalist teams more in depth soon.

Apart from the qualified ones, all the teams have also done a great job and shown an outstanding performance during the League. New teams are developing and new talents are are being revealed. Futsal is growing stronger than ever and the competitiveness and participation we are witnessing at London Futsal League is a clear prove of this.

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