Who is scoring the most in LFL?

Many players have scored during the 14 match days the London Futsal League have held so far. However, the records clearly show that a great share of all the scored goals are accumulated by the leading teams.

At this point of the competition, several teams are already close the the 100 goals mark, but Chiswick Futsal is the only team that has surpassed that number so far.
From Chiswick, in fact, is the current leading scorer of the futsal League: Unai Alvarez.

Unai (#1) has not lost any of the skills that took him to the top the National Futsal League scoreboard. He has scored almost every single match and his duo with Eder Errechea (#5) is just a goals storm.

Jorge (#2) has been leading his team to victory with his stunning scoring capability match after match. He and Bezmir (#3) make more than half of the London International’s goals.

The list continues with one of group one’s leading teams: Haringey Futsal. Stevie hold position #4 of the score list at the moment. His, has his team mate’s (Ricky #6) goals prove how compatible football and futsal can be and a team like Haringey can show a great performance in both.

Two other players – Rui Ferreira (River Lea) and Leonid (Newham) have already scored 20 goals at this point of the league. Ferreira has been scoring and average of almost 3 goals per game and, even though he was banned for 3 matches, he is still the top scorer of his team. He definitely still have chances to, at least, scare the guys on the top.

The race for the top hasn’t come to an end. Many things can still happen among the leading teams as some of them still have 2 or 3 matches ahead. It is not time to rest yet. The quarter finals on June 4th await and teams are getting prepared for the challenge: club court size and only the best of the best teams left.
We can expect just the best from this rising london futsal teams.

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